What is Paramentics?

Paramentics is a website devoted to the creation of liturgical artwork for use in the church. The word, 'paramentics', refers to the art of church decoration and is used here in the wider sense as all forms of art and decoration of the church. The majority of art on this site follows the three-year series of readings and supplemental texts issued by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. No matter what lectionary you use, you may quickly search for specific texts or themes with the search button at the bottom of every page.


Who Makes The Artwork?

All of the art on this website is made by Ian M. Welch

Ian is a graphic designer and composer of liturgical media living in San Diego, California. With a Masters of Divinity from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin, Ian has a unique understanding of how to create music and art that emphasizes the central role of the gospel along with the time-honored traditions of the church. He currently serves as the choral director and musician at Risen Savior in Chula Vista, California.


How Can I Use The Artwork?

All artwork on this site must be purchased in order for you to use. Once purchased, the art may be implemented in worship folders during services, PowerPoint or Keynote slides, or large and small print materials.

Files such as JPG and TIF are ideal for small print materials while EPS vector files are used for larger print materials such as posters and banners.

When using this artwork, please give proper attribution for it, unless used for outreach materials (mailings, posters, banners, etc.), in which case you need not give attribution. Copyright information can be placed on the back cover of a worship folder or in the section where you may credit the musical pieces that are used in the service. A PowerPoint or Keynote slide can be created that shows this along with other credits to photos and graphics that are used. Here are some examples:

  • Artwork by Ian M. Welch. Copyright 2015 Ian M. Welch. All Rights Reserved. paramentics.com

  • The Ascension of Our Lord. © 2015 Ian M. Welch. All Rights Reserved. paramentics.com

  • © 2015 Ian M. Welch. All Rights Reserved. paramentics.com

The pictures on this website and any art that is purchased may not be altered in any way without permission. You may view the website's Terms and Conditions or contact me if you have any questions.


How Do I Stay Up-To-Date With The Latest Artwork?

You may subscribe to the news feed at paramentics.com/news or subscribe to the mailing list to be alerted to the latest additions on the site.