Some Music

Almost every week, I schedule out a block of time to write and record music. This process dates back to high school, but it wasn't until later in college (2004-05) that I began focusing on writing sacred music. I am currently developing a website that will feature my music, both sacred and secular, and decided to share some of that music here.

Since it is Holy Week, I thought it appropriate to post some of my compositions for Good Friday. The sheet music is made available under the audio. Also provided are some clips from the Worship Templates promo video. Hope you enjoy them and God's blessings this Holy Week.


O Darkest Woe

This is an early version of a short piece written for this year's Good Friday Tenebrae service. As is the case with nearly all of my choral music, I will record myself singing the song to help the singers and musicians practice it. The final version now has an alto voice and a tenor recorder in place of the flute.


Quaerite Dominum

Here is a version of a canticle from Isaiah. 


My God, My God (Psalm 22)

This was written last year and sung my a small group choir.  I also included the worship folder graphics and notes below.


Early Piano Demo

Here's an early recording of the music for the worship templates video. I'll quickly sketch out the composition on the piano, and in most cases, I will also record it using the incredible Zoom H4N . I had bought this handy little device for my Senior Church History project at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary called Opus 54.


Guitar & Piano Version

This version sounds close to the final mix, but I felt that the piano made it a little too dramatic.


Final Version

After removing the piano, the intro was reduced and the ending slightly edited. The video was then fine-tuned to match the audio.

Ian Welch