Worship Folder Templates for Microsoft Word

After several months of development, I am very happy to announce the release of Worship Folder Templates for Microsoft Word. You will instantly see the care and precision that went into designing each and every template that comes with the three uniquely styled themes. 

These templates are identical to the Apple Pages templates in both look and features, and just like their Pages counterpart, they are very easy to use. Here is some general information about these templates:


Word for Windows and Mac

Built from the ground up, the templates take advantage of the distinct features of Word on Windows and Apple computers. Your download will include 14 themed services: 7 for Windows and 7 for Mac.


System Fonts

Great care was taken in choosing the fonts for each theme. In order to make using the templates the easiest it can possibly be, it was decided that system fonts would be used that come preinstalled with Windows and Word. The Word for Mac versions will also use the system fonts included with Mac OS X.



Every theme comes with its own paragraph and character styles that help you preserve the formatting, fonts, and layout of each of template. These one-click options, make it incredibly easy to keep that professional look and feel to a worship folder.


Placeholders & Text Fields

Every template is loaded with 100-300 text fields that make replacing text completely effortless. Text Fields are different from the normal text you type into a document. They look the same, but once you click within a sentence or paragraph, the entire block of text becomes highlighted. This makes it easy to copy and paste sentences and paragraphs of text without effecting the text around it and to keep the formatting of the template styles.


I hope you enjoy these templates. They will certainly make your life easier as you build and print worship folders every week. You can also purchase the entire collection of templates that will save you $20. More information can be found here.


Ian Welch