New Microsoft Publisher Templates

I'm pleased to announce the release of a new template theme made exclusively for Microsoft Publisher. The new Festival theme retains many of the features from the Microsoft Word and Apple Pages templates, and also includes some new additions.

One of the first things you'll notice is the new layout. The outside margins are made slightly wider to give ample room for people's thumbs. The page layouts use a similar style to that of the Royal theme that bring back a centuries-old, yet practical approach to how text is presented on a page. For thousands of years, designers and typographers have used certain proportions in their work that are pleasing to the eye, and make holding a book, letter, or brochure comfortable to a person's hand. Likewise, the margins of the Festival theme make a worship folder pleasant to hold and visually appealing to a member or visitor.

Another addition is the option of two different fonts for response abbreviations. These fonts mimic the two main fonts used in the templates and are therefore offered in both serif and sans serif variations.

The sans serif font, Candara, is used for titling, headers, captions, and rubrics. The serif font, Constantia, is primarily used for body text and page numbers. These fonts were specifically chosen to match in style and be readable at smaller sizes. They are both system fonts that come on computers with Windows Vista installed or newer.

There is also a brand new template formatted for Ledger paper that is folded in half (8.5" x 11" final size). This larger size is great for special services throughout the year. The font sizes are slightly larger, so you could also use it for visually impaired visitors and members.

The Festival theme is ultimately based on the worship folders that I create for Risen Savior, Chula Vista, CA. You can see two recent examples below that I made for two Reformation Festival services. The fonts used are Cronos Pro and Adobe Jenson Pro. Thank you for supporting Paramentics. It's hard to believe I've been doing this for 2 years now. It's been a wonderful experience and I could not have continued doing it without you.  

— Ian M. Welch

Ian Welch