Indexing and Elements

By now you may have noticed a change in the numbering system with the files you purchased. In order to help you keep these files organized, I created a simple system that will hopefully make it easier for you to find the files you wish to use in the future.

Click here to see this index.

The index includes the three year cycle, as well as minor festivals. The two minor festivals that have been done thus far are Reformation (M26) and Thanksgiving (M28). You will notice that there are two more sections on the last page: Evangelists & Seasons and Elements. The Evangelists will feature the symbols of the four gospel writers, and Seasons will be art for the seasons of the church year that will be useful for covers.

Elements is a new series that is not bound by a particular Sunday or service. These collections of art are comprised of different elements found in nature that may enhance your worship folders. The first set is Stars. This set also includes EPS files, which are invaluable vector images that allow you to print the images at the highest possible quality and edit and customize them to best suit your needs. Hope you enjoy them!

Ian Welch