New Releases and TIFF Files

In an effort to make sure you have the artwork before you need to print your materials, I am making Tuesdays the day on which I will announce via email any new art that is posted to the site. In the coming weeks you will see that there will be more than one set of art posted per week. This will be an ongoing trend that will hopefully give you more confidence in buying my art, as well as allow you to purchase art every 2-4 weeks in bulk, and not week-to-week.

Starting this week, I am adding the TIFF (TIF) file format to all digital art packages from here on out. This was requested by a few of you, and it should give you more compatibility with certain computer applications. All TIF files will come in the same large (300dpi) and small (150dpi) formats as the JPG and PNG files you have received in the past. These files are best suited for printing and use grayscale color. Basically, TIFs take the best qualities of JPGs and PNGs: They use grayscale color for printing like the JPGs, and like PNGs, they come in smaller file sizes that do not lose any of their quality. 

Stay tuned for some very exciting additions and announcements that will be coming soon. 

Ian Welch