The Sermon on the Mount

Four new sets have been released for the season of Epiphany that tie in Jesus' words spoken in his sermon on the mount. I'd like to now share some examples of how this art could be used in your worship folder. You may click the images to enlarge them.

The main art from The Sermon on the Mount set could be used as the cover for all of the following weeks. Art that is associated with the Gospel of the Day can then be used inside the service folder. 

If there is room, the smaller art pieces can be placed near the Gospel lesson. A 3 pt. border is applied to the art here.

Combining art from The Sermon on the Mount with the art from another set can be effective. Here, art pieces 14b, 16b, and 16c are stacked together. A 4 pt. border was created around all of them. The stacked art can be made smaller to fit text underneath if you wish. 

Similar to the example above, art can be mixed together on the cover. Art 14b and 15c are place here with a 4 pt. border and slightly separated.

This is just a taste of what can be done, but I hope you find these examples useful as you find new and creative ways to use my art.

Ian Welch