Minor Festivals

Besides the typical Sunday services and major festivals that we celebrate every year, there are several minor festivals that occur on specific days of the church year. Once in a while these days fall on a Sunday and some churches choose to observe these festival at that time. My goal since the very beginning was to produce art for all these festivals and therefore, create a numbering scheme that organizes all of the art by the date they occur. I had originally organized them by the Gregorian calendar, but have since realized that indexing the art according to the liturgical calendar is probably better, especially when considering that worship planning is usually done by the liturgical cycle. 

As a result, there is a new numbering scheme for the Minor Festivals, along with the addition of a couple festivals that were not in my original index. This effects the art you have purchased since all six of the current sets use the old numbering system. To help you rename these files quickly, I’ve created an Automator workflow for Mac users. Just drag the six folders that contain all the subfolders directly onto this app and all the files will be renamed. The download link is at the bottom of this post. Windows users can download free utilities like Bulk Rename Utility or Advanced Renamer to replace the numbers with the new ones. This will save you lots of time, as you will not have to painstakingly click and rename each file individually.

The following dates are minor festivals that I will be working on over the next year. The festivals in bold are ones that fall on a Sunday, and the ones in italics fall near a Sunday or major festival.

Festivals - Year A (2013-14)

May 31   -   The Visitation
June 29   -   St. Peter and St. Paul, Apostles
August 24   -   St. Bartholomew, Apostle
September 14   -   Holy Cross Day
September 21   -   St. Matthew, Apostle
October 18   -   St. Luke, Evangelist
November 1   -   All Saints’ Day

Festivals - Year B (2014-15)

December 21   -   St. Thomas, Apostle
December 26   -   St. Stephen, Deacon & Martyr
December 27
   -   St. John, Apostle & Evangelist
December 28   -   Holy Innocents, Martyrs
December 31   -   New Year’s Eve
January 1
   -   The Name of Jesus
January 18   -   The Confession of St. Peter
January 24    -   St. Timothy, Pastor & Confessor
January 25   -   The Conversion of St. Paul
April 25   -   St. Mark, Evangelist
July 25
   -   St. James The Elder, Apostle
August 15
   -   St. Mary, Mother of Our Lord

It's more than likely that I will have completed more than the ones listed here by the end of Year B on the liturgical calendar, but this will hopefully give you some comfort in knowing that art will be done before your church celebrates these festivals. Below is the new index for the minor festivals and a comparison of each festival between the WELS, LCMS, ELCA, and RCC.

Minor Festivals Index

Minor Festivals Comparison

Automator Download (Mac only)

Ian Welch